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(SOMAH) Solar On
Multifamily Affordable
Housing Program

Everyday Energy’s advocacy in action

More than just a business, everyday Energy has embraced the role of advocating renewable energy and sustainability programs, while also being a moving force in creating the low-income solar housing market in California.

We truly want to “bridge the green divide” by helping lower-income families and property owners alike reap the benefits of clean, green electricity.

Everyday Energy came up with the original draft of the bill for SOMAH before working with the California Solar Energy Industries Association [CALSEIA] and the California Environmental Justice Alliance [CEJA] to get the idea in front of California State Assemblywoman, Susan Talemantes-Eggman.

Introduced as AB 693 to the state assembly, SOMAH was presented as an initiative that the state of California could finance using the funds generated by the auction of greenhouse gas emission credits— a part of the state’s cap-and-trade program. With the help of testimony from Randall Simmrin, the Executive Director of a nonprofit owner group of affordable housing properties in the state, SOMAH was passed in January 2015 and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2015.

After two years of review by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), AB 693 was implemented as the Solar Multi-Family Affordable Housing [SOMAH] Program in December 2017. SOMAH is now ready for primetime—with roughly $200 million already available to get the program started.

Our team approach on this landmark piece of legislation has ensured its success and made it happen. It’s something we’re extremely proud of.

Everyone Wins with SOMAH

SOMAH is our most ambitious and successful advocacy project to date—now providing up to $1 billion in solar rebates to multifamily affordable housing property owners beginning in Summer 2018. At the same time, the program will dramatically change the way California’s affordable housing residents receive and pay for their electricity. There are roughly 3,500 to 4,000 multifamily housing properties that will be able to advantage of these funds.

Benefits of SOMAH include:

  • Reduce your expenses and increase net operating income
  • Strengthen your real estate assets
  • Reduce utility costs for your residents
  • Bolster marketing appeal and reduce turnover
  • Reduce the tax on ratepayers for electricity subsidies
  • Improve the environment

As the originators and champions of this exciting new rebate program, no one is better positioned than Everyday Energy to help put this money to work for you and your developments.

We now look forward to taking our groundbreaking policy vision to other states throughout the country.

SOMAH’s timeline

How AB 693 became the largest solar program
for multifamily affordable housing in history

January 29, 2015


The MASH 2.0 Decision was adopted, but the new funding was fully subscribed within weeks

February 2015


Everyday Energy drafted a white paper that originated the idea of AB 693

March 2015


Joined forces with CALSEIA and enlisted Assemblymember Susan Talamantes-Eggman to become sponsor of legislation

April 2015


AB 693 placed in a legislative placeholder

April 2015


Unused earmark of emissions cap-and-trade proceeds for low-income programs identified by Everyday Energy as a $1 billion source of funding for 10 years

May to June 2015


Everyday Energy, MASH Coalition, and CALSEIA join forces with CEJA to gain broad support for AB 693

July 13, 2015


MASH Coalition and Everyday Energy provide testimony at the California Senate in support of AB 693. MASH Coalition is the only housing advocacy organization to support AB 693 with testimony

September 10, 2015


AB 693 passed in California Senate

September 11, 2015


AB 693 passed in California Assembly

October 8, 2015


AB 693 signed into law by Governor Brown

December 14, 2017


AB 693 implemented by CPUC as Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH Program)

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“CALSEIA greatly appreciates the leadership of Assembly Member Eggman on AB 693 to create the SOMAH Program, and the efforts of the CPUC to get this important program started.

Our partners at Everyday Energy were instrumental in getting us to this point. We look forward to keeping up the momentum and fully funding this program so we can increase access to solar for all Californians, and help everyone benefit from our state’s clean energy economy.”

Kelly Knutson, Senior Policy Advisor for CALSEIA

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