Aerial view of 464 kW DC system installed on 18 rooftops

This project was awarded Intersolar Project of the Year for Innovation

Everyday Energy staff providing a special birthday surprise

One of the Largest
Multifamily Affordable Housing
(MASH) Projects in California

Park Villas Apartments
National City, CA

464 kW
DC System

775,000 kWh
Annual Output

2013 Intersolar
Innovation Award

The Park Villas’ 464 kW DC solar system spans 18 rooftops and is estimated to produce 775,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity annually, enough to power 268 units and property common areas. Everyday Energy worked closely with San Diego Community Housing Corporation, the property owner, to create a financing solution that worked for them. Through virtual net metering, 95% of the generated power is allocated to residents.

System Specs

  • 464 kW DC system
  • Estimated annual output: 775,000 kWh
  • Reduced utility allowance from $48 to $13 from solar installation
  • 2,000 modules, spanning 18 rooftops
  • 268 units
  • Virtual net metering shares benefits with residents

Financial Benefits

  • Net source for tax credit projects, increasing ability to pay developer fees
  • Average tenant bill $5/month
  • Common area expense $0

Environmental & Community Benefits

  • Offsets 100% of electrical usage by the property
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 536 tons per year—the equivalent of planting 21,793 trees

Workforce Development

  • Classroom and hands-on training program for residents
  • Training program qualifies for community development activities under the Community Reinvestment Act

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