Everyday Energy, Omni Energy and Affirmed Housing Place 417Kw Solar Array on Hollywood Palms Low-Income Housing

SAN DIEGO (February 13, 2019) – Everyday Energy has worked closely with Affirmed Housing to deliver a 417-Kilowatt solar PV system to the Hollywood Palms project in San Diego California. One of the larger systems of its kind, this project was part of an overall rehabilitation of the property owned and operated by Affirmed Housing. About 92% of the energy produced will directly benefit the low-income residents at Hollywood Palms. The project will impact about 94 units and more than 350 residents, with the balance of the solar production going toward offsetting common area electricity expenses. In addition, there have been several people who have benefitted from job training associated with the project. Affirmed housing’s Hollywood Palms project and the Hollywood Palms solar project have both been nominated for the San Diego Housing Federation’s Ruby Awards, the county’s largest affordable housing industry recognition event.

“Whenever we can provide a benefit to our residents that makes financial sense, we do it.” said Brendon Bergen, Vice President of Asset Management and Dispositions, “We have worked closely with Everyday Energy and the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee to ensure that the benefits of the Hollywood Palms solar benefit the overall health of the property as well as the residents. I like to think of it as bridging the green divide.”

Micah Spano, Vice President of Construction for Affirmed Housing stated that, “We plan solar for all of our rehabs and new construction not only because it helps stabilize our housing assets, but it significantly helps our residents. With the uncertainty surrounding electricity rates because of SDG&E rate hikes, movement to time-of-use rates, and the inclination that utilities will raise rates to pay for their liabilities for recent wild fires. This allows us to reduce the potential impact of variables that would affect housing and residents.”   

Everyday Energy is California’s most experienced developer of multifamily affordable housing solar installations, with 10 times more solar PV developed than the nearest competitor through the California Solar Initiative programs. They championed California’s $1 billion SOMAH legislation.

“It is great to work with such sophisticated affordable housing developers as Affirmed Housing.  They get it.  Solar is a win for the stability of the housing asset, it is a win for the low-income resident, and it is a win for the environment,” said Everyday Energy’s CEO Scott Sarem. Many of our partners and developers like Affirmed Housing are looking to pursue a portfolio deep approach to solar.  Projects like Hollywood Palms prove once again that solar makes financial sense and is the right thing to do.”

Omni Energy was formed to bring together a veteran team of renewable energy experts and investors with deep understanding of the solar industry, eager to create high-impact initiatives, particularly those with a double bottom line of business and social benefits. Everyday Energy’s leadership and experience in affordable housing solar complimented Omni Energy’s unrivaled operational and financial experience in the Solar industry. The two companies now work in strategic partnership offering a comprehensive and industry leading multi-family affordable solar platform.

“We are honored to work with Affirmed Housing,” said Jesse Jones, chief executive officer at Omni Energy. “The two biggest challenges we face in California are climate change and housing, and projects like these are able to address both at once.”

All projects will be installed in 2019.

About Everyday Energy and Omni Energy

EVERYDAY ENERGY and OMNI ENERGY are sister companies that work to develop best-in-class solar solutions for multifamily affordable housing. Everyday Energy is celebrating 10 years focused exclusively on the needs of the affordable housing community. Comprised of executives and board members from the nation’s largest renewable energy companies, Omni Energy offers decades of industry experience and a proven track record of solar financial and operational proficiency. Together they share a goal of serving 150,000 low-income California residents in 2019.

Affirmed Housing

Affirmed Housing is a leader in the field of affordable housing. Based in San Diego, Affirmed has demonstrated excellence both in the construction of new multi-family apartment communities and the rehabilitation of existing family and senior apartment projects in urban and suburban settings. Innovative and on the cutting edge of development, Affirmed has taken the lead in the creation of housing for the homeless and veterans.  A dedicated team, Affirmed produces well-designed, sustainable housing that creates a quality environment for residents and enhances the surrounding neighborhood. We invite you to learn more about our company and our apartment communities on these pages.  contact brendon@affirmedhousing.org

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