Everyday Energy Leads Access To $1 Billion In New Funding For MultiFamily Affordable Housing Solar

SAN DIEGO, CA., March 5, 2018—As the #1 solar provider for the affordable housing industry and the originator of California’s new $1-billion Solar On Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) rebate program, Everyday Energy continues to lead the way for affordable housing developments to go solar.


“Solar for affordable housing can be a difficult process, but we have truly cracked the code with SOMAH, our affordable housing-specific products and our customer-based approach,” said Scott Sarem, CEO and Co-Founder of Everyday Energy. “Most solar companies try to bring their standard solutions to restricted multifamily properties. Everyday Energy, by contrast, has spent the last 10 years exclusively serving the affordable housing community.  We work to craft policy and products to address the needs of our customers and have built our business around their best interests.”


“No one knows SOMAH like we do or is better positioned to help put this billion-dollar funding opportunity to work for affordable housing developments and their residents,” Mr. Sarem added.  Everyday Energy played a key role in the development of the SOMAH legislation and provided technical expertise for the program through the legislative and regulatory process. An affordable housing specialist, the company also has over 150 separate affordable housing developments completed with over 30,000 residents that enjoy the benefits of solar.


Kelly Knutsen, Director of Technology Advancement for the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), formerly the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSSA), agrees on Everyday Energy’s leadership with SOMAH moving forward. “Our partners at Everyday Energy were instrumental in getting us to this point.  We look forward to keeping up the momentum and ensuring full funding this program, so we can increase access to solar for all Californians and help everyone benefit from our state’s clean energy economy.”


The benefits of SOMAH will be far reaching—the billion-dollar program will help affordable housing properties reduce their expenses and increase net operating income, stabilize and strengthen their housing assets and provide residents with low to no cost electricity. SOMAH will also help lower affordable housing subsidies that are needed, create jobs and training, as well as help the environment.


“Everyone wins,” says Mr. Sarem. “This legislation had broad support from across the spectrum – housing organizations, solar and environmental interests, utilities and advocates for tenants and for environmental justice. The result is good for the economy, taxpayers, utility customers, the solar market, the environment and, most of all, low-income renters in California.”


Affordable housing sponsors will find a well-positioned partner in Everyday Energy.  “We have worked hard to craft policy and products that address the needs of our customers. We’ve built our business around their best interests,” Mr. Sarem stated.  Everyday Energy has tailored a suite of secure and dependable affordable housing/SOMAH-specific products and financing to create a hassle-free process that makes everything easy and ensures that customers maximize potential benefits.


“Everyday Energy is your committed partner from beginning to end. We don’t just handle the entire solar process as part of our turnkey services,” says Mr. Sarem. “We also understand how the solar fits into your larger real estate operation.  This approach has made us the leading installer of solar on affordable housing in California over the last 10 years, and now we can put that success to work for you.”


SOMAH will be ready to fund projects beginning in summer 2018, so now is the time to plan and prepare. Everyday Energy’s free property and portfolio feasibility analysis will help determine exactly what’s possible and how to maximize your benefits.


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Scott Sarem

Everyday Energy



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