Everyday Energy Joins National Community Solar Partnership

Everyday Energy is pleased to announce that we have joined the National Community Solar Partnership.

The National Partnership is part of a White House Initiative to increase solar access to low- and moderate -income households, and includes the federal Departments of Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture; the Environmental Protection Agency; members of the solar industry, State and local agencies, and non-profit organizations.

The mission of the National Partnership is to leverage the momentum in the public and private sector to address barriers to solar access, particularly for renters who must rely on actions of property owners, favorable utility and housing policies, and financing solutions acceptable to investment markets.

Even as residential solar costs have declined by 45% since 2010, solar has remained out of reach for many low-income families. Energy affects every aspect of our daily lives: its sources and costs affect our health and safety and economic well-being.

Access to solar power can significantly reduce the energy burden of low-income households by providing electricity below local utility rates. Access to clean energy can help transform disadvantaged communities by providing health, economic, environmental, and other benefits, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In joining the National Partnership, Everyday Energy is making a commitment to share our experience and work with other participants on implementing strategies and solutions to make solar available to all Americans.

Our participation in this important partnership builds on Everyday Energy’s long-standing business commitment to provide cost-effective, one-stop, renewable energy opportunities to affordable housing markets and low-income renters. These commitments have directly contributed to utility allowance reforms that enable the financing of tenant solar installations, policies to provide economic benefits to low-income renters, and third-party financing products and agreements. These products and agreements make solar investment capital available to multifamily housing for property-scaled solar installations at terms responsive to the ownership and regulatory structures of affordable housing.

It is time that we bridge the Green Divide that denies clean energy opportunities to low-income communities and households.

In the months ahead, we will keep you apprised about our work and the efforts of the National Community Solar Partnership. We look forward to the opportunity and challenge of making solar more available to under served communities and households.


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