$1 Billion For Multi Family Affordable Housing Solar

SAN DIEGO, Calif., October 7, 2015 – Everyday Energy is pleased to announce that Governor Brown signed AB 693 into law today. AB 693 was introduced by Assembly Member Susan Eggman and is designed to help California’s most vulnerable, low income renters.

Everyday Energy played a key role in the development of the legislation and provided technical expertise for the bill throughout the process and would like to thank Governor Brown and Assembly Member Eggman for their vision and leadership.

Everyday Energy is proud of the role it played in this historic legislation. Through Assembly Member Eggman’s leadership, Everyday Energy worked with the California Solar Energy Industries Association (CALSEIA), the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), the MASH Coalition, affordable housing advocates, environmental justice and social justice advocates to create legislation that encourages private industry to work with affordable housing developers to provide solar PV to California’s low income renters.

“This is a perfect example of legislation designed to spur private investment in socially important goals, like helping Californians who are most vulnerable to the impacts of Climate Change,” said Scott Sarem, Co-Founder and CEO of Everyday Energy.

“Our vision is to make solar as common place as the toaster oven. We can’t get there until it is accessible to all Californians. This law breaks the sound barrier between renters and solar, it gets at the hardest to reach customers and spreads the benefits of solar to all Californians,” said Bernadette Del Chiaro, Executive Director for CALSEIA.

“While low-income communities and communities of color have long been locked out of the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy, AB 693 will bridge this green divide. It will infuse low-income communities with health and economic benefits by lowering utility bills and creating clean energy in some of the communities that have been most impacted by pollution. We thank Governor Brown and Assembly member Eggman for their leadership in bringing equitable energy policy to the environmental justice community,” said Strela Cervas, Co-Director of CEJA.

Sarem continued, “Everyday Energy has been an advocate for solar on low income housing for the past six years and is proud of the role it played to advocate on behalf of low income housing once again. We are the only solar company in the country to dedicate our business to the needs of multi family affordable housing and we look forward to working with the California Public Utilities Commission to deliver the benefit of solar PV to low income renters who reside in multi family affordable housing. This is an investment that will lessen the burden on overall ratepayers by reducing the annual burden on the CARE program. The bottom line is that California just got it right. This is great public policy.”

As announced on September 24, 2015, Everyday Energy has partnered with Solar City to provide Solar Services to affordable housing in California.

AB 693 will help to ensure that the commitment that Solar City and Everyday Energy have made to the affordable housing market will continue to remain strong.


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