Virtual Net Metering is a cost effective and efficient way of installing large-scale solar systems on multifamily and multi-tenant buildings. It reduces costs by allowing tenants to share one solar energy system that feeds one meter used to send electricity back to the grid. The power company then automatically applies the credits from that energy to the tenants in the building offsetting their electricity costs.

Benefits of Virtual Net Metering include:

– Reduced installation costs
– Energy is shared between tenants
– Allows for a larger system using less space
– Overcomes building positioning and shading issues



Everyday Energy has spearheaded the design and installation process for Virtual Net Metering in California, working with the California Public Utilities Commission to bring VNEM to all multi-tenant buildings in the State. Our installations of over 150 Affordable Housing Virtual Net Metering arrangements are the most in the state.

In the past solar installations for multi-family and multi-tenant buildings required separate solar systems for each meter, which was often very complicated, required a lot of space, and was cost prohibitive.

Today, thanks to new energy metering rules and the expansion of Virtual Net Metering (VNM) from affordable housing to all multi-tenant buildings, those barriers are removed.  This includes office buildings, condo complexes, apartment buildings, and even university and business campuses.

While this is a game changer in the solar industry in California, few solar contractors have the level of expertise as Everyday Energy in installing Virtual Net Metering arrangements.

If you are a property owner, homeowner’s association, or developer and are ready to increase the value of your property and begin reducing your energy costs, give us a call. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

If you’d like to learn more about Virtual Net Metering and how it can benefit your project please contact us.

 “Not only has San Diego Community Housing Corporation reduced its common area electric bills each month, which significantly helps with cash-flow, we have also been able to provide a significant monthly discount to our tenants…”

Randall Simmrin

Asset Manager, San Diego Community Housing Corporation