We want to help you determine if solar is right for your property.

Everyday Energy is proud of our tradition of providing free technical assistance to the multifamily affordable housing industry.  Our commitment and solid understanding of the needs of affordable housing lets us provide our clients with real savings and results for their housing assets and low-income residents.

We have worked with government, utilities, and lenders and investors, successfully advocating for friendly policy, financing, and installation rules for solar on multifamily affordable housing for the last 7 years.

We have provided free technical support for over 220 multifamily affordable housing properties.

Services include:

– Full portfolio review and assessment

– Evaluation and identification of the best funding sources for your property or properties

– Bid analysis and project comparison

– Design and installation services through our partner SolarCity

– Community and Workforce education and training services

There is no obligation to take advantage of this no-cost, valuable service.

Contact us today by email or phone (760)-607-7200.