Our philosophy is to integrate our knowledge of solar and finance into the complex financial structure of affordable housing in a manner that is sociably responsible, financially viable and readily accessible to project sponsors..

We make clean energy available to affordable housing owners. Our solar installations replace energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

Energy is expensive. We want to help you lower that cost and hedge against future electricity rate increases. We provide financing solutions tailored to the structures of affordable housing deals, to create immediate savings as well as lasting value over time.

When we started our business, our vision was to create something that was sustainable and made good business sense.  Turns out that in our efforts to build a strong business we have helped our clients provide strength and stability to their multifamily housing investments by providing a cost effective way to deploy solar that allows them to fix their energy costs and improve the overall value of their investment.

We believe that hard work, innovation, listening, environmental responsibility, and investing in the community and our employees are the keys to our success.

“Not only has San Diego Community Housing Corporation reduced its common area electric bills each month, which significantly helps with cash-flow, we have also been able to provide a significant monthly discount to our tenants…”

Randall Simmrin

Asset Manager, San Diego Community Housing Corporation