When we started our business, our vision was to create something that was sustainable and made good business sense.


Giving back to the communities we serve and where we live is good for everyone.

The following are a few ways in which we are giving back:


We are committed to supporting the solar energy needs of the Affordable Housing Community. We work closely with local, regional, statewide and national organizations, community leaders, legislators, HUD, utilities, and affordable housing property owners and managers to ensure financial support, incentives, and energy guidelines support the needs of low-income and affordable housing communities.  In May of 2014, we met with President Barack Obama and committed, with 16 of our clients, to install 30% of this  administration’s 100MW of renewable energy goal on affordable housing by 2020.

Project Donations

We have had the honor to provide design, installation, electrical, and financial consulting services to several non-profits and community organizations including the American Lung Association in California, El Oasis Children’s Home, Servite High School and the San Diego Botanic Gardens.  View our Donated Projects.

Workforce & Job Training

We recognize that true sustainability starts with people. This includes supporting our staff’s professional and personal growth, encouraging recent graduates and career changers to pursue careers in the Green Economy, and providing training and education to the residents of the communities in which we serve. We launched our Workforce Job Training Program in 2011 which included Energy Efficiency Workshops, Community Events, and Hands-on Introduction to Solar Installation Workshops. Since, then we have directly hired 7 participants to work on our crew, have launched a drafting and design internship program, and have partnered with Labor Ready, a placement agency, to assist participants in our Introduction to Solar Installation Workshops in finding temp-to-permanent work in construction and renewable energy fields. Watch our Workforce Initiative Video.

For more information about our community impact work, please email us at info@everydayenergy.us