Choosing an experienced solar company matters.

We are an industry leader with proven track record of working with most major affordable housing developers and lenders throughout California. We provide an approved, accepted, and bankable underwriting package in our proprietary funding models that are tailored to tax credit deals, HUD properties, and zero-upfront-cost solar service agreements. We have made the commitment to understand the complexities of affordable housing and have tailored our offerings to specifically address the unique issues associated with affordable housing.

Why Work With Us

–  7-year track record of providing free technical assistance to the major affordable housing developers regarding solar PV
– Hundreds of solar installations and financings that meet the specific needs of affordable housing
– Key role in developing and in getting AB 693 passed in California that provides $1 Billion in solar PV rebates to affordable housing
– MASH 1.0: Installed 140 separate projects totaling 10 MW of Solar or 40% of all the MASH installations
– MASH 2.0: (AB 217) In the process of installing 22 MW of Solar on 74 separate projects or 68% of MASH 2.0
– Recognized as the national expert for solar in multifamily affordable housing by President Obama, Department of Energy, and HUD
– Worked with The California Tax Credit Allocation Committee to change the utility allowances rules related to solar
– We have advised our clients on the best financial structure to meet their specific needs



“..If we were required to come up with a significant amount of money upfront or if we were required to pay a large monthly PPA fee, we would not be in a position to put solar on our low-income properties… Everyday Energy provided MAAC Project with a financial structure that had no impact on our bottom line and has drastically enhanced our resident’s quality of life, while helping the property cash flow…”

Eduardo Barrera
MAAC Project