We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of solar to the affordable housing community.

We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of solar to the affordable housing community and have solved the largest issue when looking to install solar – Cost. We are experts in solar development and offer a variety of strategies and packages that allow our clients and their residents to benefit from the installation of solar.

 Benefits our financial solutions provide include:

– Financial Strength and Stability for Tax Credit Properties
– Net Source for Tax Credit Projects, Increasing Ability to Pay Developer Fees
– Lock in Electricity Rates and Avoid Increases to Utility Bills
– Ability to Hedge Against Inflation
– Combine Section 48 Solar Tax Credits with Section 42 LIHTCs
– Increased Property Value
– No SNDA/Subordination Agreement Required in Most Cases


Affordable Housing Solar Lease

An exclusive affordable housing focus and expertise has made Everyday Energy the leader in providing solar to multifamily affordable housing. To provide our clients with the most comprehensive solar installation solutions, we have partnered with America’s largest solar power provider to develop the first of its kind, Affordable Housing Solar Lease exclusively for our clients.

This new lease taps into Everyday Energy’s financial expertise and deep understanding of the needs of the affordable housing community while our installation partner brings the economies of scale and industry-leading technology and implementation strength of America’s largest solar power provider.

Benefits of the Affordable Housing Solar Lease:
– Simple, fixed and extremely competitive pricing for affordable housing
– Separate Performance Guarantee
– No Lender Documents to Execute
– Customer Owns the RECS
– Outright Purchase Option


MASH | Multi-family Affordable Solar Housing

The Equitable Access to Solar Energy Bill (AB 217) has extended the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program through 2021.

Our company has been working with clients who have benefited from MASH funding for the past four years. We have installed over 4MW of solar PV on affordable housing properties throughout California. Our knowledge and experience in virtual net metering as well as development, design, and installation of solar in affordable housing surpasses any claims of existing solar companies that claim to have the know-how to get the job well done . We are committed to our affordable housing clients and we take great pride in the skills and experience that we offer every customer that we work with.

Everyday Energy is experienced in leveraging state and federal incentives that benefit our customers. Our Solar Service Agreement permits customers to install solar at little to no out of pocket expense. It is the only affordable-housing-specific solar development instrument in the solar industry.

The Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) program provides solar energy incentives on qualifying existing multifamily affordable housing.


Low Income Housing Tax Credit

Fund your LIHTC project gap with Solar. Renewable energy installation with Everyday Energy creates a bankable increase to your LIHTC project mortgage proceeds, and additional cash surplus to decrease your project funding gap.

Include renewable energy in your project development to generate major improvement in four areas:
– Increase mortgage proceeds
– Reduce and stabilize your operating expenses
– Increase Net Operating Income
– Generate additional cash in development fees or for property reserves by including renewable energy in your LIHTC project

Solar PV and Solar Hot Water have become integral parts of property rehabs and are standard on new construction. By including system design and cost in the planning phase for your projects you can substantially improve the project financials by creating additional funds through validated operational savings over the term of the mortgage. Everyday Energy has a proven track record of working with Affordable Housing Developers and lenders to monetize utility savings, and support additional mortgage proceeds. Everyday Energy provides an approved and accepted underwriting package in our proprietary model.

Everyday Energy will review your project and propose efficiency measures and energy solutions to maximize your asset and project.

Contact us to start planning your project: info@everydayenergy.us