It is our goal to make it easy for our clients to receive the benefits of solar.

We are dedicated to bringing the benefits of solar to the affordable housing community and have installed more multi-family affordable housing projects than any company in California.

By working closely with the non-profit community housing property owners, project developers, and financial institutions we have been able to understand and solve the largest issue when looking to install solar – Cost.

Our affordable housing clients have been able install solar through a variety of packages and options such as our Solar Service Agreement, our Affordable Housing Solar Lease,  Multi-family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) grants, and a combination of federal and state incentives, tax credits, energy credits, and LIHTCs.

These solutions have solved the solar equation for the affordable housing property owners, and have provided and continue to provide financial, environmental, and community benefits.

Financial Benefits

– Provides Financial Strength and Stability to Your Tax Credit Property
– Net Source for Tax Credit Projects, Increasing Ability to Pay Developer Fees
– Lock in Electricity Cost Savings Guaranteed for 25 Years
– Hedge Against Inflation
– Combine 48 Solar Tax Credits with Section 42 LIHTCs
– Saves Sponsors, Property Owners and Residents Money
– Increases Property Value
– No SNDA/Subordination Agreement Required in Most Cases

Environment & Community Benefits

– Brings the Benefits of Solar to the Affordable Housing Community
– We Provide Workforce Development and Training to Your Community
– Qualifies for Community Reinvestment Act as Community Development Activities
– Positive Environmental Impact
– Reduces CO2 Emissions


“Everyday Energy listened to us about the needs of the sites and stayed in touch after the projects were completed to make sure everything worked perfectly. Their open communication style made it easy to get these projects on board quickly and efficiently. We are saving tens of thousands of dollars with almost no effort on our part!”

Sylvia Martinez
Community Housing Works